Graduate life can be hard, and often the world around you can make it even harder. We hear about so many people who have gone on to do great things, succeeding in their chosen careers and industries, and we want to celebrate these individuals. However, this isn’t always the case for every graduate. We want to use this space to share the amazing things that Leeds Beckett graduates do, but we also want to do something a little different.

In reality, many graduates often have no idea what to do when they finish university, will struggle to find a job in their industry of choice, have to move home, or take a job that isn’t fulfilling just to survive. We don’t want to ignore this part of the graduate experience…we want to celebrate it! Continuing to apply for jobs and attend interviews, after receiving nothing but rejection, is a success that we want to share. Things like these, are the real life wins we want to shout about.

This page will be used to celebrate every kind of graduate, reflecting the realities of your experience, and making it clear that you’re not alone.


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