The Mentoring programme is also your chance to give back to Leeds Beckett students, as we will be offering the opportunity to mentor existing students.

The Graduate Network can be a fantastic way to discover mentors. You can search for people with skills relevant to the work you want help with.

So, if you’re established in a career, haven’t been working for long, or have moved home and are still looking for a job, we want to hear from you. Any of these experiences, and many more, will be useful to students, helping to prepare them for the experiences they will face as a graduate.

To become a mentor or mentee, register on the website to make your account. You can make it clear what kind of support you can offer or that you want to receive, so other members know whether to get in touch. Look at mentor’s past employment, career plans or university course they may have taken to decide if they’re right for you. You can then chat with each other through the website, or whatever method suits you best.

We want this mentoring scheme to be as beneficial as possible, so we will help track your desired outcomes and make sure that everyone gets something from the mentoring relationship.

Start messaging and see if you can get a good mentor!

Disclaimer: we are unable to directly monitor the behaviour of users. It is up to you to report any inappropriate behaviour to us.

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