Interested in the Mentoring Programme?

Check out this Mentoring Programme guide to see how you can get involved. One of the best parts of the new website is the ability to create your own profile. You can connect to other members and chat using the messaging function. You can even create groups based on shared interests, bringing together old friends or making brand new networks!

Steps to get started…

  1. Sign up to the website. If you haven’t already, create your profile. The only required fields are username, password and email, so this shouldn’t take too long. This will give you access to all the functions of the website.
  2. Fill in as many fields as possible. Add as much detail to your profile as possible, and it will be much easier to find the most relevant mentor or mentee.
  3. Use the search function to find the best match. You can choose a specific field to search, like employment history or university course, or you can search generally. Hopefully this will help you find individuals who can really help you, or benefit most from your advice.
  4. Add friends and start messaging. You don’t have to limit yourself to one mentor or mentee. This network is all about connecting Leeds Beckett students and graduates, and aims at helping you to share advice, make useful connections, and start friendships. We want you to get the most out of the network, but also feel part of a community!
  5. See if there are other ways to engage with mentoring. Looking for shadowing, work experience, placements, etc, or willing to offer them? This could be a great way to expand the mentoring programme beyond advice and knowledge sharing.
  6. Be careful! We can’t directly monitor the conversations that take place, so if experience any inappropriate behaviour, let us know and we can deal with this.

Hopefully this has helped you understand how to get involved in the Mentoring Programme. If you have any more questions, get in touch!

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